August 16th 2002
Yellow Medicine County Minnesota
This was a really bad experience with a
south-southeast moving tornadic supercell,
a bad road network and little day light.  
Meso northwest of Wood Lake, MN.
No daylight left for the most part as a
rapidly rotating wall cloud is coming right at
us with nowhere to go.
Clear slot.  Remember, this is moving south east and not
north east.  I'm in BIG trouble.  Dead end road!!  About 5
miles southwest of Sacred Heart, MN.
I'm not going to lie.  This vid capture has been contrast enhanced to draw the funnel
out.  Power poles are getting snapped off north of Echo, MN at this time.  RFD winds
easily over 70mph are ripping the bean plants apart to the right of us.  This feature
passed less than 1/4 mile away.
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