August 9th, 2002
Traverse County Minnesota
Initiation southwest of Wheaton, MN
This was one on the most confusing
multi-cell storms I have ever been on.  
Looks undercut and outflowish.  We
have strong inflow at our backs at this
Less than a minute and a half later, this
thing is spinning like a top and is tornado
warned by ABR now.
7 minutes later it is undercut by the outflow
from a stronger cell to the west.
It comes back to life once again with a
blockly lowering but notice the heavy
precip to the northwest.
Starting to get ripped apart by outflow.  
Notice the shelfy looking feature coming
into view.  Best cell is just to the right.
A minute and a half later it is ripped apart
for good this time.
While we were watching the left cell, the
right spawned two landspout funnels which
never touched down.  Lots of local on the
roads watching it.
Lenticular looking shelf cloud as we call it a day.  All of this action and not
one tornado or severe report for that matter.  Just weird.
2002 Chase Home