August 3rd
Sibley County Minnesota
Roll cloud on ealier storm in
Anoka County as I head out.
Earlier storm near Big Lake, MN which
would go on to be tornado warned in
Washington County to the east.
Couple of analog video grabs looking west at the WCCO radio reported "wedge".  This is not
a tornado but rather a large bowl shaped lowering under the meso.  Rotation was minimal and
never really produce anything.
Occlusion as RFD cuts in.  Tornado
reported by law enforcement at this
time.  Approximately 7:10 pm.
One of my favorite leaning corn
shots as the storm gusts itself out.
2002 Chase Home
Let the meso and action area pass
overhead as no hail and no real tornado
threat.  Looking east.
Lining out as the cell merges with
cells to the south and a shelf forms.
Back of the cell looking west as the
storm dives to the southeast..
Still a fun chase for August
considering the synoptic pattern.